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Monday, October 09, 2017

Sugar Ray Dinke - Cabrini Green

For me and maybe a few others this is definitely a throwback to the John Peel radio show. I bought a copy maybe a week or so after hearing it on his show one night, traded it soon after and bought this copy about a year ago for next to nowt and it's mint. I did try and get one on the original label and it used to irritate me a little if I couldn't get the US import copy if it was a US record but it bothers me less so these days. A great record and there's some info on discogs about him which is short but worth a read as I have nothing on him except for the memory of hearing him when I was about 16 or 17. Tune!

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Fresh Girls - Mandingos - I Got The Bass

Someone requested this many years ago on this very blog and I didn't have a copy then so I bought one. Another one I had in '86 but traded among my friends at the time and one I wasn't super keen on mainly because of the 'row, row, row your boat' tune that sounds like it was played on a kazoo. You can't deny that super heavy Miami bass packs a major punch though and I don't mind it so much now.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

M.C.B. - It's Your Scratch (Do What You Wanna Do)

I mentioned some years ago that I was on a mission to get back some old records I used to own and this was on the list. Discogs had a few over the years for a while but people were wanting a little more than I was willing to pay so I guess I got lucky wining one on ebay a few weeks back for a fiver. I can tell you're really pleased for me. The sleeve's a little beat up and is taped together - looks better than it sounds - but the wax is nice and that's the main thing. I recall buying my first copy in '86 from the import box in the Virgin store on the high street in Sheffield but can't remember if I sold it or traded it. Doesn't matter now though. Another Amos Larkins sure shot!

Friday, September 08, 2017

NYC Cutter - DJ Cuttin'

Finally got myself a copy of this last year, same track on both sides but a decent tuner from '85 by legendary super dj Marley Marl masquerading under a different moniker. Was one of the most difficult releases to get on the Pop Art label at one time but easier now although it does still seem to hold it's value. Top tune.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Arabian Prince - Situation Critical

I missed the fantastic Stones Throw compilation, 'Innovative Life Anthology' that was released in 2008 and have been after once ever since and finally quenched my thirst a few weeks back and it's been an Arabian Prince-athon ever since.I never bought this first time around either so I bought one last week, decent condition and the picture sleeve is looking good for it's age too and all for the tidy sum of  £1.49. One of the better tracks lifted from his excellent LP, 'Dope Thang' being the highlight, for me at least. If you like 808 bass heaviness, this is definitely one for you.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Jungle Brothers - Beyond This World 12" Single VLS (1989)

Re-Up - 192kbps, sorry about the lower bitrate

Contains the extremely dope B-Side Promo No. 2 featuring Q-Tip!

A1 - Beyond This World (LP Version) (4:08)
A2 - Beyond This World (Instrumental) (4:01)
B1 - Promo No. 2 (Mind Review '89) (3:28)
B2 - Beyond This World (Bone-a-Baby Bam Beat Version) (1:34)
B3 - Beyond This World (A Capella Version) (:38)

Download from zippyshare

Monday, September 12, 2016

MF DOOM - Metal Samples Volumes 1-7

Back in 2003 there was a compilation that someone released on the net of tracks that DOOM sampled called Metal Samples. Another volume came out at some point and by 2005 I had quite a few samples I had found either through digging or the internet. With the help of a couple friends I compiled enough tracks to put out 5 volumes (3-7), and released them on soulseek,, philaflava, and other places.

Over the years I've had some people asking for these compilations so I decided to post them here.

Sorry, but most of these comps are 160kbps. Maybe one day I'll recompile these with 320, and also add another couple volumes.

Thanks to Verge for Volume 2!

Metal Samples Volume 1
01 - Roy Ayers - No Stranger to Love
02 - Sade - Kiss of Life
03 - SOS Band - The Finest
04 - Isaac Hayes - Our Day Will Come
05 - Jeff Beck - Come Dancing
06 - Melvin Van Peebles - Reggin Hanging
07 - Melvin Van Peebles - Wont Bleed Me
08 - New Birth - Got to Get a Knut
09 - Quincy Jones - 100 Ways
10 - Skull Snaps - It's A New Day
11 - Steely Dan - Black Cow
12 - The Beatles - Glass Onion
13 - The Spinners - Ain't No Price on Happiness
14 - The Deele - Shoot 'em Up Movies
15 - Yusef Lateef - Eastern Market

Metal Samples Volume 2
01 - Kain - Harlem Preacher
02 - Lee Morgan - Mr. Kenyatta
03 - Scooby Doo Theme
04 - DJ Grand Wizard Theodore & Chris Stein - Subway Theme
05 - Richiro Manabe - Kidnap 1
06 - Coke Escovedo - Hangin' On
07 - Joe Raposo - Sesame Street End Theme Funding Credits
08 - JJ Fad - Supersonic
09 - Cerrone - Rocket In the Pocket
10 - 5th Dimension - Requiem 820 Latham
11 - Kain - Silly Shit
12 - Five Stairsteps - The New Dance Craze
13 - Richiro Manabe - Kidnap 2
14 - The Blackbyrds - All I Ask
15 - Kain - Constipated Monkey
16 - Spiderman Theme

Metal Samples Volume 3
01 - Faze O - True Love
02 - Roy Ayers - Vibrations
03 - Galt Macdermot - Princess Gika
04 - Cymanade - Brothers on the slide
05 - Ronnie Laws - Freinds and Strangers
06 - Galt Macdermot - Cathedral March
07 - Anita Baker - Been So Long
08 - Teruo Nakamura - Cat
09 - The Mamas and the Papas - Pearl
10 - Dobbie Brothers - What A Fool Belives
11 - David Mathews - Space Oddity
12 - Galt Macdermot - Space
13 - Les Baxter - Hogin Machine
14 - Jody Watley - Looking For a New Love
15 - Fever Tree - Ninety Nine and A Half
16 - The BlackByrds - April Showers

Metal Samples Volume 4
01 - Mashmakhan - I know I've Been wrong
02 - Kronos Quartet - Nardis
03 - Donyld Byrd and the BlackByrds - Mysterious Vibes
04 - Atlantic Starr - Second to None
05 - Gil Scott Heron - Pieces of a man
06 - Doris -You Never Come Closer
07 - Isaac hayes - Vykki
08 - Jon Lucien - Maiden Voyage
09 - Sade - Is it a Crime
10 - ZZ Hill - That Aint The Way You Make Love
11 - Anita Baker - Sweet Love
12 - The Blackbyrds - Love is Love
13 - The Whatnauts - Message From a Black Man
14 - Gentle Giant - Funny Ways
15 - Jimmy Ponder -Jennifer
16 - George Duke - For Love(I come your friend)

Metal Samples Volume 5
01 - Roy Budd - The Stone Killer (Main Title)
02 - Coke Escovedo - Hangin' On
03 - Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin'
04 - Johnny Pearson - Fugitive
05 - Cortex - Huit Octobre
06 - Tom Browne - Come for the Ride
07 - The Blackbyrds - All I Ask
08 - Lee Morgan - Mr. Kenyatta
09 - Sven Libaek - Misty Canyon
10 - Caetano Veloso - Alfomega
11 - Dennis Coffey - Never Can Say Goodbye
12 - Gino Vannelli - Appaloosa
13 - The Blackbyrds - Love is Love
14 - Foxy - Madamoiselle
15 - The Keith Mansfield Orchestra - Soul Thing
16 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Suite Cannon: Part 1: The King & I
17 - The Robert Cobert Orchestra - Dark Shadows Suite

Metal Samples Volume 6
01 - Elmer Bernstein - The Beach
02 - Boogie Down Productions - Poetry
03 - Giorgio Moroder - Theme From Midnight Express
04 - Ronnie Laws - Solid Ground
05 - Gil Scott-Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit
06 - Waldir Calmon - Airport Love Theme
07 - Arthur Verocai - A Boca Do Sol
08 - Issac Hayes - Walk On By
09 - Mashmakhan - Happy You Should Be
10 - The Delegates - Funky Butt
11 - L.A. Carnival - Blind Man
12 - Eric B & Rakim - Microphone Fiend
13 - Bobbi Humphrey - Blacks And Blues
14 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down On The Corner
15 - Lonnie Liston Smith - In The Beginning
16 - Just Ice - Love Story
17 - Fat Albert - Halloween Song
18 - Jaques Morelenbaum & Antonio Pinto - A Carta de Dora

Metal Samples Volume 7
01 - Daedelus - Experience
02 - Run DMC - Sucker MC's
03 - Super Friends - Justice League Theme
04 - The Sugarhill Gang - Passion Play
05 - Richiro Manabe - Godzilla Vs. Megalon
06 - Just Ice - Latoya
07 - L.A. Carnival - Can You Hum A Tune
08 - The Nova Local - If You Only Had The Time
09 - S-Tone Inc. - Beira Do Mar
10 - George Duke - Prepare Yourself
11 - Pharaoh Sanders - Thembi
12 - Boogie Down Productions - The Bridge Is Over
13 - William Loose, Stu Phillips & Marvin Elling - Kelly
14 - L.A. Carnival - The Klan
15 - Lonnie Liston Smith - Jeannine
16 - Tsehaytu Beraki - Medjemery Feqrey
17 - Atlantic Starr - All In The Name Of Love
18 - Maria Beth

Friday, January 15, 2016

Fat Boys - Fat Boys Scratch (Remix)

Always liked the Fat Boys stuff. Their first album was the first album I owned that was just by the one rap artist and not a compilation like the legendary Streetsounds Electro series. This is actually the b-side as you can see 'cos I think it's better than 'Don't Be Stupid' on the flip. I even bought that limited edition pizza box a few years back now which is a really great package if you can find one. A staple diet for all b-boys of a certain age I would suggest.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

J. Grey - Miami

After a long and forced hiatus we're back in the room and here's a corkin' tune from '86 to kick off the new year. Anquette's 'Throw The P' is the A-side cut but I much prefer this one personally. More to come, hopefully..

P.S, thanks to my man Machiventa for sorting out the problem, long time no see mate.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

MC Craig G - Transformer

I think someone asked for a re-up of this some years ago now and the link was clicked a few days back I think.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Progression - Tom Tom

I had to hunt this record down after Mike Allen played it one time and it took me years to get a copy but I eventually copped one from Roulette Records in the city centre. I traded it many years back and only actually returned it to the ever increasing collection a couple of years back now, in fact almost exactly two years ago today. Top tunage.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Divine Sounds - Do Or Die Bed Sty

A few posts back I briefly mentioned the devestatin' DJ Cheese and his use of this record in his world championship winning set from '86 so I did a fresh 320 rip for y'all. It's tucked away on the b-side of a really mediocre and irritating a-side cut too and it wasn't mentioned on the Beat Street Records list I bought it off many years ago now, around about '87 or '88 I would think so I just chanced my arm and was fortunate enough to hit the jackpot. One of my all time faves, love it.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Divine Sounds - My Mother

As it's mother's day tomorrow in the UK I thought I'd let you present your mom with a little something special to brighten up her day. For the rest of you, 'The Circus' is on  the other side.

Friday, March 06, 2015

The Spin Masters - Brothers

This is a great record. I have fond memories of listening to the club, dub version whilst bombing the hell out of my old school with some like minded acquaintances. I had the privilege of seeing them live too when they were on the road with Ice T on the Rhyme Syndicate tour around '90-'91 I think which was pretty cool. I think they made another record at some point after this one but it wasn't very good and Evil E famously went on to become Ice's full time DJ. Mr. T himself even had a hand in the writing of this particular track.
Going back to the RS tour, Ice T was sat at the back of the Leadmill when we walked in on one of those plastic chairs that stack up like you had at school. He said 'Alright' when we walked by. We all looked at each other saying something along the lines of 'that's 'im innit'?
A great night, although Hijack stole the show. For me anyway.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Ultimate III - Ultimate III Live!

This could be the best hip hop 12" released in 1986 and a definite contender for best hip hop record of all time. In my opinion.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rap-O-Matic Ltd - Lies, Lies

Another vivid memory from my youth is John Peel playing this one evening. DJ Cheese allegedly did all the excellent wax flexing on here although he is uncredited on the label and it does sound like his style. Did I mention DJ Cheese came to my home town not long after he became the  '86 DMC world mixing champion? Think I probably did. He also revolutionised the way the people looked at the competition and made it a whole lot more interesting at the same time. His entry is still my fave of all time. I was sat open mouthed the whole time I was listening to it live on Radio 1. Probably. Shame they never started filming the event until the year after.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Daniel Sofer - One Hundred Speakers

Mega tune from '84, always loved this one. This is my second copy as the first kept toing and froing between me and a couple of mates and after a while I never managed to get it back. Still, all good things and all that. Get your tracky on and relive the good old days.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Cazal Boys - Snatchin' Cazals

Bagged myself a copy of this a few months back, the second copy I ever owned, the first being a freebie from a mate I did the radio show with way back when. I never knew the real title as it was on a tape with no inlay (as they always were) and he asked me if I'd heard it. 'Never heard of it' I said so he went and fetched the record, said I could keep it, spun it when I got home and was all like that cow in the nursery rhyme. Still managed to trade it, as you do but crossed it off my long list just before Christmas. Top tune.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Rock Hill - Rock The Beat

This is one of those records that slips your mind - when you've heard it you may think, 'yeah, now I know why' - but I like it and I'm sure it was on the same tape as 'Rappin' Insane' (see below) and when you're young and have little or no money or resources, listening to the same tape over and over pretty much daily imprints certain tunes, particularly from this era into the old grey matter for life. I did forget about this one till quite late and only copped one a few years ago. but it won't be the only one and if I ever begin to suffer from some debilitating mind illness I'm sure a few rotations of these kinds of jams will be the trigger I need to bring me back into the here and now. I don't wish to make light of such illnesses but, you know, it could happen to any one of us. My short term memory is pretty useless but once you're hooked on these, you're hooked for life and it's nice to have a good memory brought back once in a while, don't you think?

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters - Freddy's Back / The Main Event...Word

I treated myself to one of these just recently and at £1.50 it was a steal. 'The Main Event' is the one though and a throwback to the John Peel days too. Top tunage.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

JD Krush - Rappin Insane

Got myself one o' these before christmas. Not exactly a killer tune but one I've been after for a minute now and it is quite difficult to get a hold of for a decent price. I remember it being on a tape I had at school and it stuck with me for some reason. A bit crackly in parts but it does the job. Happy days..

Monday, December 15, 2014

Run-DMC - Christmas In Hollis

I was checking the TV listings fairly recently and noticed a programme called 'Beyond Magic with DMC'. It wasn't him. Happy Christmas readers.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Scorpio & Jazzy Jay - (Go Michael) Air Jordan

Been busy, busy, busy so thought I'd offer up a really nice and criminally (geddit?) under rated 12" to keep you going a little while..

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Word Of Mouth (Feat.DJ Cheese) - Coast To Coast

There's a thing on the radio next week about John Peel presented by Annie Nightingale and for some reason when I read the blurb on it I was reminded of this record. There was a thing ages back on BBC2 and he introduced WOM doing this track as it was their new single. It's nowhere near as good as the mighty 'King Kut' but it's ok.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MC Shy D - DJ Man Cuts It Up

Always rated Shy D back when I was breaking so buying this was a no brainer. 4Sight's pressings weren't always that great - the flimsy vinyl doesn't help - but it's very listenable and a good reminder of how we used to listen to music. I'm still trying to make some of my workmates understand but they shake their iphones at me and tell me that's all they need. My vinyl will last longer than your telephones you fuckers. That's what I tell 'em.